Walking on Sunshine!

with Savannah Madison

Photography by Arthur St John – @arthurstjohn

Hair and Makeup by Amanda Terry – @makeup_mandi

Wardrobe by Colleen Kelly – @colleenkellyswimwear

Congrats on your FHM Australia cover, tell us about the photoshoot? The shoot was shot in Malibu California on the beach. It was shot in the early evening through the night. By the end of the shoot, I was completely naked on a public beach in the middle of the night!!

Have you ever been to Australia and if not, would you like to visit someday? No, I have never been to Australia. I’ve always wanted to go! But to be honest I’m not a big fan of long flights! Maybe I will be able to visit after the Covid-19 scare dies down.

How do you stay busy during Covid-19 restrictions? I did a lot of binge-watching and exercise.

Have you been a blonde your whole life? No, I actually had auburn hair when I was really young.

Favourite celebrity crush? I’m a sucker for humour and great personality so I would have to go with Tom Hanks. As far as women I would say, Doutzen Kroes.

How important is sex in a relationship? VERY important for me!! Communication, respect and sex are my top three most important in a healthy relationship.

What animal are you most like and why? A cat, because I love laying in the sun and sleeping all day…

Any pet peeves? Slow drivers and people who are late!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? The way the world is going I don’t think anyone really has a plan anymore… it’s hard to make plans when you don’t know what’s going to happen next!? but hopefully, I’ll be laying on a beach somewhere under an umbrella sipping a drink without a mask lol.

Give us one secret about you nobody knows… I am a clean freak. I can’t stand clutter!

What regrets do you have as a model and what accomplishments do you still wish to achieve? I don’t normally regret anything in life… but I guess I would’ve pursued my modelling career sooner. The sky is the limit as far as what else I can accomplish! Never limit yourself!

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