Cruz Control

with Miss Jen Cruz Cole 

Photography by Rosannafaraci 

We Aussies know exactly how hot the Australian climate can be this time of year and this February things are heating up past boiling point as we sit with the sultry and sexy Jen Cole. Inside, we discover her more intimate side, learn about some of her life passions, and what her childhood dreams were compared to where she is today! Take a look. 

Welcome Jen, looking good, as always. Growing up, did you always know you’d be such an amazing creator and model or did you have other dreams in mind, something like being an astronaut or winning a Nobel Peace Prize? Amazing creator, I love that. Thank you. I am still definitely growing up, and I hope that never stops. But outer space and living for prizes – no, never been a dream of mind. I think I sort of ran away. Childhood was a bit of chaos, I grew up very fast. I certainly wanted to explore the world and predicted a life of adventure. I never imagined where I would be today – but I knew there was something more. 

Growing up were you more of a girl’s girl or a tomboy and what were some of your most favorite things to do? Truth or Dare? Truth: I was a disobedient, straight-A student, and independent brat. A professional ballerina, that could throw an NFL football further than the average. All things fashion, a must; with a soft heart that was broken young. Dare: Did someone say challenge? I am most certainly a tomboy at heart. Cliff jumping, climbing, motorcycles – to golf, tennis or pool. Game on and tuff up. 

You’ve got an amazing figure and beauty about you, we’re keen to know what you would say is your favorite physical feature about yourself and why? Probably my scars and tattoos. They tell stories. You have to look close to even notice and to understand, requires a question. Yes, I do love working out, and that I do. I can’t say the same for my very extra chest, as much as I did ask Santa for that year after year, I still love them too. 

You’re also obviously very attractive, would you say being beautiful can sometimes overshadow or perhaps distract the audience from your work as an artist? I would say that maybe at best 15% of anyone will actually read these answers. But hey, no complaints there. Behind the photos are my ideas and concept that I styled and planned. That is art in itself. I am very proud of this shoot, I put a lot of energy and thought into it. 

What would you say is the most surprising thing about you that not many people know? This magazine would end up as thick as ‘War and Peace”, if I attempted to answer that question. Time tends to reveal its self, stayed tuned, there is a lot more than meets the eye. 

Do you have anyone special in your life and could you tell us a bit more? I’m sorry Sir, Mmmmm, NO? 

What would you say is the MOST important thing to have in any romantic relationship? I do enjoy sharing naughty thoughts throughout the day. I guess fantasies. Not sure if that’s romantic, but craving someone is important to me. That kind of chemistry where you can literally get lost in words. And then when face to face you already have this secret intimacy that you know you are going to have fun. 

Do you believe people can find love in today’s fast-paced world of dating apps or is the sudden variety and choice killing our chances of finding true love? Unfortunately, I have been tainted by massive manipulation and lies, that I trust issues far too big to even think about that question. 

Out of curiosity, have you ever been on a dating site or app and what was the weird experience you’ve had? Someone that actually looks like their profile picture. 

Are you working on any new projects at the moment and could you tell us more about that? This year started out like last year ended . . not so epic. Integrity and kindness go along way tho. I wouldn’t say working on a new project – but a collaboration that I know saved my life. Tell more, I can’t. I made a promise. 

It was awesome having you Jen, do you have any last words for our readers? I can say that, without a doubt 2020 was literally the worst year of my life on record. Thank gosh it is 2021 and a big thank you to FHM for having me, and to my team Rossana, Tahlia and Billy for making magic together and capturing every moment. Certainly not my last words, but ones I believe in, be kind. 

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