Simply Irresistible

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Happy to have you on FHM! Any exciting projects lined up this year? Thanks for having me, I’m so honored! Yes, we slowly entered the winter and are working on some pro-sport project on a fluffy snow-covered slop in Colorado, they already sent me a mood board, I of course will add there some of a twisted side and it’s gonna be amazing! Stay on, it’s coming!

Best place you have ever been to in the world? Dubai, Arab Emirates. I used to live there and for me, it always felt like an ordinary place, but hell it is not! I realized how cool it actually is only when I left it. I’m back to visiting it again and are slowly reconnecting with all my people so yes, that’s the place I’d recommend to travelers to learn different cultures, another point of view and totally different mindsets and values of life.

What are some of your biggest dreams you hope to achieve? Maybe to find my significant one? Kidding… I fall in love every single day, every project and every person coming into my life makes it so exciting, I would not give up on it.

What helps you decompress and relax? I love learning new things and in particular psychology, conscious, unconscious and spiritual mind is what’s in my interests right now I love to read, prefer old-style paper books, my ideal evening looks like sitting with a book in a rocking chair (which I actually have in my place) and having a glass of good wine in another hand 

What is your ideal date to have? The ideal date always starts with roses. Wine. A gentleman with a big kind heart. Five-star restaurant. Followed by a five-star hotel. I love first dates, always!  It’s like a night before Christmas, when you are slowly burning yourself with anticipation. I love hotels, especially big ones with multiple towers, long corridors and hallways, love the moment when you stand by the door, taking a final brief check, lipstick, stockings, heals, all is ideal, then you pulling out your hand to knock on the door and trying to hear him coming up.. That moment is timeless… Everything, winks, compliments, shy flirty messages, maybe a short touch in public or a little “stealing” kiss, his laugh and sparkles in his eyes, smell of his body, all is in my mind at that moment. My imagination is going wild, my heart skips a bit…and just a door, a final frontier between now and then… it opens up in a moment and will bring make all my wildest dreams a reality. Oh, I’m an endless romantic.

What makes you the ultimate partner to have?  I’m a bit old school and believe a woman’s job is to make her man feel happy, I feel elated doing it, yet you always get rewarded back by your partner being fulfilled, wink wink.

Would you rather be loved, respected, or admired?  It’s a hard choice, but I’d go with admiration for right now.

Are you a city traveler or a nature explorer? I am a city girl, I love the vibes of big cities with their magnificent skylines and always rushing somewhere businessmen, I love it when it smells of success, when it smells of money. Although it makes those rare moments of being in nature so memorable, I love the sea, love staying at resorts and soaking up the sun or just dancing on the beach. I’ve just come from a cruise and I think now it’s my favorite type of travel.

What’s on your travel bucket list? Australia! Omg, yes it is #1 on my travel bucket list, on New Year’s Eve I made a wish to visit you guys this year, Fingers crossed and cheers for that!

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work?  I stay pretty active on both Twitter and IG and I sure have OnlyFans page for those who always wonder for more.

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