Meet Arielle Ray, Who Tells Us How We Can Impress Her On A First Date


When we came across Instagram model Arielle Ray, we knew right away that she’d be someone we just needed to get to know better. Lucky for us, we didn’t just slide into her DMs and sit around hoping she replied. As fate would have it, we knew someone who could get us in touch with the budding model and hopeful actress, so we took advantage of that hook up!

Since Arielle is as sweet as could be, she didn’t just blow us off, actually agreeing to chat with us about all the things she has going on and telling us what to expect next. It’s too bad we couldn’t just take her out and try to swoon her, but, hey, we’re not going to complain.

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Arielle Ray might not be a household name… yet. But, rest assured, with gorgeous looks, experience in and around the modeling industry — her mom was a model, too — and the drive to, at some point, transition into acting, she has all the talent to become everyone’s next crush.

So, keep on reading to see what the model had to tell us about herself and why a first date with her sure sounds like one hell of a time. Hey, Arielle, can we make that happen sometime soon?

Arielle Ray

FHMTell Us A Bit About Yourself.

Arielle Ray: (laughs) “I always tend to hate this question. By the time this article is published, I’ll probably already changed a few dozen times. I’m still figuring out who I am, exactly, but, on the upside, I know the facts. I’m from a small town in Kansas, I studied broadcast journalism and drama, and I’m pursuing my goals in the entertainment world. I just acted in a sci-fi “esque” pilot that was a load of fun. Currently, I’m writing a psychological thriller screenplay and launching a YouTube channel with my girlfriend, whose name is also a version of my name, Ariel. It’s called Keeping up with the Elles. Among other things, right now, I have my hand in a bit of everything.”

FHMImpressive Stuff! What Are You Up To When You’re Not Working?

Arielle Ray: “I could be doing a few things, but I’m probably either in an acting class, reading a book, writing, filming or plotting my next world domination move.”

FHMHow Did You Get Into Modeling?

Arielle Ray: “Before I grew up in Kansas, I lived in Los Angeles for a brief time. My neighbor at the time is now a famous photographer. He shot my zed card and I got into L.A. Models. My mom was a model, so I guess she technically got me into it.”

Arielle Ray

FHMWhat Physical Feature Of Yours Do You Love The Most?

Arielle Ray: “My hair. It’s thick and not that much maintenance; usually a simple brushing will do, which is important to me. I like to spend the minimal amount of time getting ready as possible.”

FHMIf FHM Took You On A Date, Where Would We Go And Why?

Arielle Ray: “I’d pick you up in an Uber with a drink in stow for you and I. We would go to a painting class, where we’d learn to paint a beautiful naked woman because I’ve always wanted to do that; and I’m fairly certain *FHM would enjoy it, too. Then we would take our work of art and sell it on the streets to the highest bidder, and take that money to go see a comedy show with dinner and a live band afterwards. Maybe even a possible kiss to end the night.”

FHMLucky Us! Let’s Say You’re Stranded On An Island And Can Only Have Three Things, What Would They Be And Why?

Arielle Ray: “First, the Bible; that’s one book I could study and try to understand forever. All the world’s answers are in it! Second, and this is probably such a ‘mom’ answer, but I would need sunscreen… I get spray tans, but I have really fair skin. Lastly, I’d need some form of entertainment; like a radio that runs off the sun or something.”

Arielle Ray

All images via Kevin Martin.

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