A Weekend In Miami: How To Survive It In 48 Hours Or Less


There are very few places in the world like Miami. With a mix of cultures, among other things, the Magic City is known as being both vibrant and affluent, making it a destination that everyone should visit more than just a few times in their lives. Add in the nightlife, food scene and, of course, the beautiful women, and it’s easy to see why so many people love the place.

Sunshine, beautiful beaches, gorgeous people and enough after-hours entertainment to keep you rocking into 2019; so what’s not to love about Miami? A city of extremes — you can do it at a pace so slow that your 90-year-old grandmother will approve of it, or one that’d turn Lil’ Wayne’s hair white — Miami also happens to be one of the most beautiful and engaging destinations in America.


So where should you turn for fun if you’ve only got one weekend in town, and some stories you’d like to bring back home? We asked world-renowned trends expert and professional speaker Scott Steinberg, founder of travel and nightlife magazine SELECT: Your City’s Secrets Unlocked, to suggest a few hot spots you can hit in 48 hours or less to make the most of Miami.

News Café

Like people watching? You can spot every wonderful bit of weird that the Sunshine State has to serve up at this Miami staple, which has been offering a front-row seat to tourists on Ocean Drive for nearly 30 years. Need a fortifying breakfast or classic comfort food staple? You can grab it here while soaking up the vibes in the heart of South Beach.


A premium spot to catch live music, get low to hip-hop hits or catch scantily-clad dancers of both sexes shimmying to boisterous beats, this Latin- and Caribbean-tinged club offers multiple rooms and levels of entertainment. Swing by to hang upstairs and look down on the stage show or watch the world (and all sorts of engaging randoms) glow under blacklight. Epic evenings both begin and end here — consider yourself warned.

The Clevelander

Smart guests will stay at Essex House (a more affordable alternative housed right behind this iconic hotel which also offers access to the same pool and courtyard). But don’t forget to stop by this famed destination, home to many a DJ and pool party, to grab a drink at one of the multiple bars or enjoy a club-style atmosphere and escape. It’s a fine place to begin any night out — and a fine place to make new friends and mingle.

Art Deco District

Miami’s Art Deco District is home to more than 800 beautiful buildings constructed during the building boom form the 1920s through the 1940s. Visitors can stroll through Ocean Drive north of 5th Street on a 90-minute walking tour, which includes an introduction to the Art Deco, Mediterranean Revival and Miami Modern styles found all along Miami’s historical district.

Little Havana

Want to visit Cuba without taking a flight? Hit Calle Ocho, the center of Little Havana to taste test delicious Cuban eats, grab a drink or catch live music at iconic spots like Ball & Chain, explore beautiful art galleries and window shop from a variety of stalls, booths and vendors. It’s a fine daytime visit, and a fun place to hit at night that you can visit without your girlfriend giving you the side eye.

Wynwood Walls

Want to catch city walls that have been turned into giant displays of graffiti art? Take an open-air stroll through this popular attraction — and the surrounding neighborhood, which is packed with boutique shops, restaurants and other highlights (Gramps has got you covered for live music, Panther Coffee on caffeine) — to make the most of any given afternoon.

Nikki Beach

Come party in open-air beachfront surroundings or come for one of the best damn brunches in the country, complete with giant bottles of wine and spirits, and al fresco dining. A star-studded affair, it’s a fine restaurant to hit when you want to see and be seen, or pop the collar on a salmon-colored button down and give your boat shoes a walk.

Versailles Restaurant

A Calle Ocho staple, Versailles serves up delicious Cuban and diner-style food on-demand. While the décor replicates the Versailles Palace Hall of Mirrors in France, the menu features Cuban staples like croquetas, oxtail stew, sandwiches, as well as a variety of seafood and meat entrees, all accompanied by black beans and sweet plantains. Breakfast is also served daily with a special Sunday morning buffet for a classic ventanita experience.

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