Living Life To The Fullest – Meet Linda Steadman


Whether she is whipping up something delicious in the kitchen or going off on an adventure, this beauty makes sure that she is living her life to the fullest.

Tell us a bit about yourself, Linda.

I’m tall but incredibly fearful of flights. I once cried on a private that was a supposed to be a special surprise.

What is your biggest fear then? Is that your biggest?

My biggest fear is that I don’t reach my full potential.

How do you cope with that?

I love to dress up depending on my moods, I’m definitely a character – I feel like I’m not missing out on anything and it keeps me timeless.

If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing?

Messing with people’s heads is my passion (psychology), but I also want to begin dabbling in real estate.

What other professions are you interested in?

I’m a chef and hoping to come out with my own cooking show soon.

You must watch a lot of cooking shows then?

I don’t watch television, I believe a lot of it is a lot of bull, but I wouldn’t refuse a role in something if offered. Hypocritical? Yes, and if my show gets a station I won’t complain.

What was the craziest thing that has happened to you while travelling?

I was once proposed to after one dinner with a gentleman while in Senegal.

What’s the craziest fun thing you have ever done?

Maybe not crazy, but kind of dumb. My best friend and I left a homecoming game back in high school and found a waterfall of bubbles that someone obviously put in there earlier. We jumped in with our cheerleading uniforms and had a bubble fight. I lost my car keys while looking for it and the fire department came – they didn’t think it was very funny nor did our parents, but we still laugh about it to this day.

What was your biggest insecurity growing up?

I used to hate being tall but now I love having long, silky, chocolate legs.

What else comes to mind when thinking about getting older?

Figuring out what would be the perfect life – where I want to settle down or how. Sometimes I want to live in a penthouse overlooking New York, or a bungalow in Venice. Sometimes a countryside farm away from everyone, or a cosy cottage in France. All require a lot of money, so I guess I have a little more time.

Is money something important in a partner?

Money is definitely important in a man. I want a man that is able to support us. I will work, but there is nothing wrong with something a little old fashioned. I want my man to be the bread winner. Intelligence is also important. I want to be challenged mentally on a daily basis. You should constantly be challenged; that’s how you exercise your mind.

Do you exercise anything else?

I like to exercise everything, but you’ll never catch me in a gym. I love an adventure, the more physical the better.

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