The always sexy Nicole Procyk


Interview by Vikki Lenola


5’6 -32DD-25-36

Hometown: Toronto, Canada


You’ve been in many magazines… were you excited to shoot for FHM?

I definitely was super excited to shoot for such a reputable men’s magazine! It’s an honour!


Describe your style.

I would say cute and comfy. I’m often on the go so I dress sporty but still with some sexiness,

you know like badass ripped jeans and a cropped band tee or super cute matching track suits! I love to

be comfortable with an edge.

What are three things you can’t live without?

The gym (helps keep me sane), my close friends and family as they’re my support system and



Tell us about your dream date.

A romantic trip to europe would be a dream come true. However,Disney world is always one of

my favourite choices!


Tell us about your work with Babes in Toyland.

I was honoured to Host the Babes in Toyland charity event! It was my first red carpet event and

a really good opportunity. I met a lot of amazing people and had a blast. I look forward to

continue hosting their upcoming events! Stay tuned!



What are some of your favourite modeling jobs you’ve done?

That’s a tough one! Modelling for various Playboys has always been a pleasure. I did a magazine

cover with horses on a ranch which was an amazing experience! I really enjoy anything that

involves travelling and new experiences. I just love to experience new places and opportunities,

it makes life worth living and hey may as well create content for the world to see while i’m at it



When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a fashion designer! I was always very creative and drawn to creative aspects of


You’re known to be a mental health advocate. What is the story behind why you were drawn to

this path?

I have struggled with mental health a good portion of my life. When I was a teenager I had a life

threatening eating disorder which I recovered from with years of treatment and hard work. I’ve

also struggled with bad anxiety and depression most of my life. Anxiety is still a huge struggle for

me that I work on managing daily! I think mental health issues are such a huge part of society

and there’s so much stigma behind them. It’s frustrating when people can’t understand what

you’re going through or feeling. Mental illness is the same as any kind of sickness just because

you may not look physically sick doesn’t mean you’re not sick and that’s part of the problem.

I think there needs to be a lot more education and awareness on mental health. Mental health

issues really suck and people should never feel ashamed to reach out or ask for help! You’re

worth it and life is so much better when you’re happy and don’t feel alone. I definitely want to

use my voice as I continue to build a brand for myself and aspire to raise awareness in the


You’ve been spotted in many destinations around the world! What places have you travelled to?

I travel to the States a lot places like Texas, California, Las Vegas,Florida. I recently went to the

Philippines this year which was amazing! I’ve been to Costa Rica, several places in Mexico,

France and Italy to name a few.I I haven’t been to Europe in a long time so I plan to head out

there 2020. There’s so much of the world to see and I really just want to see it all ! The world is

too big to stay in one place.


Any upcoming projects you’re excited about?

I have a few publications coming out soon and plan to host a few more upcoming events. Stay

tuned for it all!


Social media handles.

IG: @nicoleprocyk



Photographer Jay Tablante IG: @jaytablantephotograpy



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