Truly Magical

Courtney Byers

I was born and raised just north of Los Angeles, I made a name for myself as a model while pursuing a business degree at a nearby college. As I took charge of my entertainment career and education I sought out new adventures inside the world of fitness. Having a background in athletics and team sports ranging from volleyball to rowing crew for college and competitive horseback riding, athleticism is something that has always played a large role in my life and was a natural progression after retiring from entertainment.

In the fall of 2013, I fell in love with the world of body building. I needed an athletic outlet when my time in team sports had come to an end. Shortly after, fitness and nutrition took over my life. I got my certification as a Fitness Trainer with The International Sports Sciences Association and continued to further my education as I immersed myself into Nutritional classes and coaching which enables me to dive into new entrepreneurial enterprises within the fitness industry. Shortly afterwards I became a Registered Yoga Teacher which has not only broadened my views on health and wellness, it has also allowed me to offer a unique coaching experience to my clients. My passion for helping people is not something that I feel can be matched. I truly love what I do and I believe it shows in the undivided attention and passion I give to each and every individual I work with.

When I’m not working I love to cook, I’m a huge movie person, I enjoy pretty much anything outdoors. Spending time with my dogs, horseback riding, painting, I also recently took up the piano. I never stop learning, I am always searching for new ways to educate myself. I am so hungry for knowledge. It’s something that truly never goes away. I’m an avid reader and bring books with me everywhere. I read everything from finance to economics, leadership books, mindset & psychology, autobiographies and fiction.

This coming year I plan on hosting a range of retreats for women focused around self-love, body positivity and health. My goal is to eventually expand and host retreats for couples so that clients can learn how to get healthy with their partner. My retreats will offer a wide range of activities from morning mediation to cooking classes, bootcamps and goal setting seminars. to ensure my clients leave feeling motivated and ready to tackle their lives once they get home.

My goal is to one day open my own retreat center & ranch, travel the world teaching workshops and speaking on taking charge of your life. I think the greatest thing about life is the fact that you can reinvent yourself and be whoever you want whenever you want to. It’s truly magical.

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