Knockout Beauty

with Aviannah Elise – @aviannahelise

Agency: @lsamodels

Photography by Jeston Brandon – @perfectlyflawlessphoto

MUA: Andrew Carter – @andrewcarterbeauty

Manager & PR: Leo Alderman – @leo.alderman

What are you really good at? I would have to say kissing. It is one of my favourite past times! Nothing like locking lips with the person you are feeling.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? I just moved into a lovely house in Miami, so I am pretty excited about it.

Favourite shoot location? I would have to say the beaches in San Diego will always have my heart.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in modelling? Because I got tired of people saying I would never make it because I was too short and I had tattoos. I proved them wrong huh…

Do you have a secret talent? If I am to be honest, I would have to say my ability to go from cute to annoying in 0.5 seconds. I don’t think anyone would ever try to kidnap me.

A guilty pleasure? I would have to say online shopping, It is so satisfying. I can buy almost whatever I want with a click of a button. Eating chocolate is also another.

Were you excited to shoot for FHM? Oh yes, I was and when I found out I was chosen to be on the cover; I was completely ecstatic. This will be my first FHM cover and I absolutely love the country of Australia. 

What would you say is your best feature? I would have to say my eyes or my boobs, let’s be honest.

What makes you feel sexy? When I am fresh out of the bath and after I put body oil on my skin, just standing there naked. I feel like those are my peak moments.

We know you love football, tell us why? It was something someone very close to me enjoyed doing so it became something I enjoyed as well. Running for the ball is great cardio also. I like to make sure I have an inhaler handy though.

What do you enjoy most about what you do? Photoshoots, I am a very dorky woman and I love to have fun so I have a blast when I shoot. Another moment when I feel like I am in my prime.

Any last words you would like to share with our readers? Most definitely, I hope everyone stays safe and I hope your loved ones made it through the COVID-19 pandemic. Your health is your true wealth.

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