Sun Kissed!

with Kelly Jo / @fitnessmodelkellyjo

Photography by Olly Vento / @olllyvento

MUA Natalia / @nataliiamakeupartist

PR by LSA Publications / @leo.alderman / @lsapublications

Happy to have you featured on FHM! Tell us what are some of the things you did to prepare for this shoot? I am honored to be featured on this month’s FHM Cover. I prepared for this shoot by doing the things I enjoy every day. I wake up at 6 a.m., grab myself a cup of the strongest Italian frothy Expresso I can find. After a jolt of caffeine, I am out the door on a five-mile run along Venice beach. Not only do I like froth in my coffee, I am always looking for some frothy waves so I can go surfing and work on my tan. Surfing keeps me photo shoot ready!

You’ve got an amazing figure and a beautiful face. What would you say is your favorite physical feature about yourself and why? I would say my legs since they are on the longer side and that helps with balance, a key for catching a good wave. And those long legs have been great for my modeling career.

Being a glamorous model must have its perks. What are some of your most memorable experiences in your career? I have been most fortunate to travel to over 36 countries and meet so many wonderful men and women. I’ve enjoyed an authentic Italian dinner at a restaurant on the Grand Canal in Venice, downed a pint of Guinness at a pub in Dublin, surfed the big waves in Maui and had afternoon tea in London with members of the Royal Family sitting just across the room. Those are just some of the most memorable experiences I have had along the way.

It’s been a challenging year for us all. What advice would you give to other models or aspiring models out there in light of all the challenges we have faced? You should invest more in your social media and other outlets. This is a great opportunity to diversity your audience with creative images of yourself and daily posts about your day to day life.

Do you have any final words to our readers on what to expect from this year? Follow me on Twitter and Instagram so you can see all the fun and exotic places I travel to and share the experiences I have. And I would love to bump into all of you along the way. It would be so much fun!

What would say sets you apart from other people? I have become the ultimate social chameleon. I can mix with the ultra-wealthy and good ol’ boys in the same night. I have developed the ability to feel just as comfortable at a High Society party as a beer blast at a beach bonfire.

On the topic of men, what was the best and worst first impression you got on a first date? I have been lucky to have some amazing first dates that were truly unforgettable, but in both good and bad ways. One of the best first dates I have ever had I will call my “combat” date. I really was starving and was about to go to battle with my stomach, but it was 5 p.m. on a Friday in LA and traffic was horrible, so it didn’t look like we’d get to the restaurant for hours. But my date told me not to worry about it.  Thought he was insane. I mean, this was heavy LA traffic! Then suddenly overhead came the buzzing of a military helicopter fit for dinner combat. We hopped in and flew to a secret dinner location on the cliff side of a mountain in under 15 minutes flat. He set up a cute gourmet picnic and wine just for two. It was such a romantic and marvelous time. The worst date I had was with a guy I met on Tinder and had been talking with for a few months. Half way through our date, a strange woman came out of nowhere, spilled wine on me and knocked over our table. I thought he was single, but that was his wife. Oops!

What would you say is the most surprising thing about you that not many people know? I am studying to get my sports pilot license so I can fly whenever I want. Sometimes having your head in the clouds is not such a bad thing.

If you had to choose, would you say money and wealth determines success, or are personal achievements and happiness more important? I would choose personal achievements and individual happiness over wealth and money. Life is a marathon and we all have different starting points. Money is often seen as the oil of life, but relationships are the real engine to happiness. Personal achievements with family and friends are the true measure of your success.

On a more personal level and in an ideal world, where do you see yourself in five to 10 years in terms of family and career? I want to have visited up to 100 countries over the next five years. If I had the love of my life on my arm, that would be even better. I want to continue my modeling career but also explore other opportunities in business that can help me further explore the world and have great new experiences.

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