Game ON!

with Jessica Ramirez / @jessiloverv 

Such an absolute honor to have you on FHM! What are your plans this year? I love to travel so due to restrictions being lifted after covid I will be heading off for some rest and relaxation with my family who live in New York before making a few more touristy stops across the US. Once I arrive home, I will be looking to devote more time to a sportswear brand that I have released, its sexy gym wear and activewear, found online at the Aspid store, so I’m pretty excited about that.

What are you most looking forward to this year? This year I’m most looking forward to working on a little side hustle/business that I’m creating with my father, it’s a jewelry line. My father lives in Spain so towards the end of the year I will be visiting him, and we will see what ideas we can develop further.

Top 3 best moments of your career? My modeling started around 10 years ago and one of my earliest and best moments was when I competed in fitness modeling competitions in Spain, I was able to achieve first place in one competition, and from that time on is really when my career started. Secondly traveling the world has been wonderful there aren’t too many places like Australia but doing a photoshoot on the sands of Mykonos, Cancun, Paris, etc, was a highlight for me. Thirdly my best and always continual best moments are working with, meeting, inspiring, motivating, and being motivated by all the amazing women of the world that I have come into contact with on this journey through life.

What would you say is your signature look? It would definitely be sporty/sexy lingerie haha if that can be classed as a single look. I’m all about working hard to make my body look and feel amazing, so I enjoy showing it off.

What is the fastest way to get a smile on your face? I have a pretty easy-going personality and sense of humor so anybody who is engaging and nice in conversation will always put a smile on my face. Plus, a sexy guy at the gym who works out hard and sweats a bit will also help get me moving in the right direction.

What are some of your favorite outdoor activities? Running on the beach, swimming at the beach watching sunrises and sunsets, anyone that knows me knows I love a good sunrise and sunset.

3 ultimate deal-breakers when it comes to men? I love having a good time and love nothing more than someone with a good sense of humor, so 1, 2 and 3 would have to be a lack of a good sense of humor. 

Never have I ever… had my toes sucked.

Top 3 myth busters when it comes to models? The first myth buster is that the job is easy. A lot of people might only see the final clip of what happens in front of the camera, but days always begin with long hours of preparation, make-up, hairstylists, wardrobe, and your own mental planning and creativity angle on how you’re going to best do the job, so it is very tiring. Secondly would be food intake, maybe this is only me, haha, but I certainly don’t just live off water and salad because to keep that strong body and mind you need all the food groups working together so give me a juicy steak any day and the occasional bit of chocolate is delicious. Thirdly and finally is that models are stupid everyone knows that 2 + 2 is 5 and the world is flat, durrrr.

What is the best way to approach you as an admirer? When a male has confidence in knowing what he wants with a hint of cheekiness makes me feel a little shy, I like that approach. It can come in many ways.

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? On my Instagram @jessiloverv.

We are so happy to have gotten to know you a little bit! Any last words out there for our readers? Be compassionate towards all of the people in and around your life. Try and make others smile only good can come from that.

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