Natural Beauty

with Victoria Fairy / @victoria_fairy1

Photography by Arthur St. John / @arthurstjohn

HMUA: Marissa Brajkovich / @marissabmakeup

Where were you born? Where do you live now? I was born in Linz, Austria, and I am still living there. It is a nice city between Vienna and Salzburg. Not too big, but big enough, and we are lucky to live in beautiful surroundings with lakes and mountains not far away.

How many different languages do you speak? German is my mother tongue, and I speak English, Spanish, and a little bit of Finnish. In school, I also studied Latin, but I have not yet met an Italian person that is too old to practice with.

Congratulations on gracing the cover of FHM Australia! How do you feel? It feels fantastic and I am very grateful for this opportunity. It was not something I expected and now I am overwhelmed to be one of the beautiful cover models. Thank you, FHM, for the cover, and thank you, Arthur St. John, for an extraordinary photoshoot that landed this publication.

Have you ever been to Australia? If not, would you like to visit someday? Up to now, I have not been in Australia, however, it is definitely a place I would love to visit. I am curious about getting to know the people, the culture, the cities, and the nature, and maybe taking a trip around the whole country. I have heard and read so much about Australia and it is a dream to travel there one day. Especially, since my home country, Austria and Australia are being confused sometimes: We really, really do not have kangaroos in Austria. But we do have Schwarzenegger, Mozart, and apple strudel.

Tell us about your career, what are you working on right now? My day job is working at an office, and modeling is a nice balance to the excel sheets and paperwork. Modeling makes me happy, so I am on the right path. My wishes for the future are more shoots with great photographers all around the world and beautiful pictures as a result and as memories of these special days. I am excited to see where things go.

Do you like taking vacations? Where is your favorite place you have been and where would you like to visit next? Absolutely – I am crazy about traveling. I love to explore the world and discover new places. My favorite place so far has been Las Vegas. The atmosphere is great, the city itself is beautiful, and people are so relaxed. You automatically feel happy when landing in Vegas. My next big trip will be to the Caribbean, and I cannot wait to go there. And then – who knows – maybe Australia will be up next.

Do you prefer making money or spending it? Both ways. It is great to close a deal, however, of course, it is fun to spend money – I am still a girl loving shoes, dresses, and jewelry.

Describe yourself: Fairy-like, confident, and a natural beauty.

What is your best physical feature? What makes me special is my waist-hip ratio. It gives me the typical hourglass figure.

Can you tell us a secret about you? It is and will be Victoria’s Secret.

Biggest turn-on in a person? Biggest turn-off? A turn-on for me is a kind and humorous person with a good heart, knowing what they want in life. And a turn-off would be an arrogant person with ill manners.

What do you look for in a partner? My perfect partner is my soulmate. He is strong, intelligent, and loyal, always has my back, makes me laugh, and has similar values in life. Of course, good looks do not hurt:) And the best thing is, I have found him already.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Spending most of the time at a beautiful beach and taking walks in the sunrise with my unicorn would be a nice scenario:) I hope that some more of my current plans have become reality by then, and that I will still have new goals to keep life interesting.

Where can our readers find you? Instagram: victoria_fairy1, Twitter: Victoria_FAIRY1, TikTok: victoria_fairy1, and to see all of my adventures, follow me on OnlyFans: victoria_fairy1.

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