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Tayler Mercier / @MercierTayler

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Happy to have you on FHM! Are there any exciting projects lined up this year? Thank you for having me. I’m very grateful for this opportunity. I’m always working on something but I would say my biggest project this year is expanding my media company.

Best place you have ever been to in the world? I don’t know if I have one favorite place. I’ve been to so many amazing places I would say it’s difficult to pick just one.

Who has been the most influential person in your life and why? I would say, my mom has been the most influential person in my life. The older I get the more I realize I am so much like her. Most of my best attributes and personality traits come from her.

How would you describe your personal style, and how has it evolved over the years? I would describe my personal style as classic glam and sophisticated girly. Over the years, it has definitely evolved. It’s gotten more sophisticated, but I’ve stayed true to my feminine girly style. I think our personal style is constantly evolving and it’s important to push our boundaries and try things that are out of our comfort zone. Some of my favorite looks have been situations where I tried something that wasn’t my traditional style that was different and maybe even a little bit uncomfortable at first.

What’s your favorite travel destination, and why? My favorite travel destination is probably Aspen. I have always loved the mountains and winter is my favorite season. Growing up in South Texas with the scorching hot summers I have always loved traveling to colder weather.

Are there any particular hobbies or interests outside of your influencer work that you’re passionate about? I would say my favorite hobby is traveling. I know that sounds cliché, but I just love traveling.

How do you find a balance between your personal life and your career? I maintain a balance between my personal life and career by making sure that I take time off every week for myself. I’m a bit of a workaholic so I could easily work seven days a week 365 days a year if I allow myself. I structure my schedule to allow time for myself and my personal life and stick to that schedule.

Do you have a dream project or campaign you’d love to be a part of one day? I would say a Dream project for me would be working with Guess. I absolutely love everything about the aesthetic and the style of Guess and I’ve never seen a campaign that I did not love.

How important is sex to you in a relationship? So I think that sex is important in a relationship, but it is definitely not the most important. For me, the absolute most important thing in a relationship is the emotional connection. For me I can’t have the sexual aspect without the emotional connection so while it is important, it’s still secondary to an emotional connection and trust. Trust is another big one for me. Overall, the sustainability of a relationship is going to be more based on an emotional connection and trust than anything else because sex can fade over time.

What is your idea of a really good time? So my idea of a really good time is sitting at home with my dogs watching a great movie and cooking dinner. There was a time when I would’ve said, traveling to an exotic location, and finding the best club with a group of friends and while that does still sound amazing, my happiest moment really is at home with my family.

Would you rather be loved, respected, or admired? That’s a tough one out of love, respect, or admired. I would say admired if I had to choose just one. If you are admired You’re doing something good that is contributing to others in some way and it’s really important to me to do that in my life.

Can you share some upcoming projects or ventures that your fans can look forward to? Apart from expanding my media company, Mercier Media I am always working on new projects. I try to find things to challenge me creatively so the next project I come across that does that will definitely be the one I’ll take.

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? You can follow me on Instagram @Taylermercier_ and Twitter @MercierTayler.

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